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Helping in
a time of crisis

When moving is a matter of safety, we help Imagine Foundation with our immigration knowledge.

Imainge Foundation Case Study

Immigration support for Ukraine and Afghanistan

The challenge

Imagine Foundation helps people from around the world land meaningful job opportunities in Europe. Alongside their core program, the non-profit launched two initiatives to help those affected by the crises in Ukraine and Afghanistan.

How we helped

The Localyze team joined as volunteers and supported with immigration knowledge, guiding visa applications so people could move safely and pursue further opportunities.

The challenge

Supporting hundreds of relocations across Europe and to a new office in New York, Personio’s Global Mobility team needed more local expertise to handle the growing workload. Their objectives were:

  • Streamline immigration bureaucracy to several locations
  • Remove distractions and setbacks from the employee experience
  • Support the company’s growth through shorter hiring times for international talent

Localyze's solution

Localyze helped Personio reach each goal with a unique blend of tech and human touch. Three benefits in particular that stood out for Personio were: 

  • Extensive visa knowledge covering their countries of operation
  • Intuitive tech that reduces admin and gives Personio’s teams visibility over timelines and workload trends
  • Bespoke guidance from in-house immigration experts putting talent at ease

Borders shouldn't be blockers

“Localyze helped us bring in the specific visa knowledge that we didn’t have and frankly couldn’t have built. It made the difference between people being stranded abroad and making it safely, as well as getting hired in their destination countries without visa issues getting in the way.” 

Johann Harnoss

Johann Harnoss, Co-Founder of Imagine Foundation

See what we can do

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