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Calculate your Global Mobility ROI in 4 easy steps

Discover the untapped potential of your Global Mobility operations with Localyze's ROI calculator. Whether you already support long-term relocations or are exploring them as an idea, this calculator helps you estimate the impact of your Global Mobility programs.

Calculate your Global Mobility ROI
How it works

 How it works

  1. Select your estimated number of Global Mobility cases

  2. Assess your current process

  3. Analyze your ROI results

  4. Receive the results into your inbox and share them with your team


The calculator utilizes averaged, aggregated, and user-provided data, meaning individual outcomes may differ. It serves as an illustrative tool and cannot assure those specific savings with Localyze. Various factors, including industry, location, organization size, and case specifics, can affect results. Read more in the FAQ section below.

Global Mobility delivers more than positive ROI


Improved Parts of Business White

(Source: The ROI of Global Mobility, Report 2023)                                    

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Access to global talent

Access a diverse pool of global talent and fill critical positions with the best candidates.
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Cultural awareness

Create an inclusive work environment that embraces diversity and promotes cross-cultural collaboration.
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Employee retention

Demonstrate a dedication to your employees' development and increase employee retention rate.
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Employee satisfaction

Offer unique growth opportunities and enriching experiences beyond traditional roles.

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And more...

Global Mobility programs lead to improved knowledge sharing, enhanced cross-functional collaboration, and increased adaptability among teams, contributing to a more agile and innovative organization.

Ready to learn how Global Mobility can enhance your organization?


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Frequently asked questions


FAQ 1 - Localyze

What is the Global Mobility ROI Calculator?

The Global Mobility ROI Calculator is a tool designed to help organizations assess the potential return on investment (ROI) for their Global Mobility initiatives. It calculates benefits such as time and cost savings, perceived productivity gains, and more.

FAQ 2 - Localyze

What benchmarks and data sources are used in the calculator?

Our calculator brings together ROI insights from two sources: stats from the 10,000+ relocations we've supported since 2018 to and across EMEA and North America, and survey responses from our research, "The ROI of Global Mobility." Survey responses come from 240+ business leaders and HR decision makers whose businesses are based in the UK, Ireland, Germany, and The Netherlands. These companies have programs that allow employees to work from a different, international location than where they currently live. Our respondents include business owners and CEOs, directors, vice presidents, C-level executives, and senior managers. These professionals operate in various sectors, with the most represented industries being Software & Technology, Retail, and Financial Services.

FAQ 3 - Localyze

What formula is used to determine the ROI gains?

To determine the ROI gains, we use the following formula:

ROI gain = (Perceived financial benefit from relocated employee – Relocation cost) / Relocation cost * 100

FAQ 4 - Localyze

What is intended by "perceived financial benefit"?

Perceived financial benefits include impact on revenue, talent retention, productivity, and culture. This estimate resulted from our survey conducted on 240+ business leaders and decision makers in Europe.

FAQ 5 - Localyze

Can I expect to see the exact results predicted by the ROI Calculator for my organization?

The data used in the calculator is based on average, aggregated, and user-assessed data, so it's important to note that individual results may vary. Factors such as industry, location, organization size, and specific case details can influence outcomes. Therefore, the calculator provides estimates rather than guarantees.

FAQ 6 - Localyze

Is my data secure when using the calculator?

Yes, we take data security seriously. Your information is treated with utmost confidentiality in accordance with the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

FAQ 7 - Localyze

Can I get expert advice on interpreting the results?

Absolutely! Our team of Global Mobility experts is available to provide personalized guidance and insights. Simply book a free consultation or demo call with us.

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